Looking for tips on gifts for your loved ones, inspiration for a stylish end of year celebration or the perfect Christmas decoration? Or would you like to learn more about how major festivities are celebrated in the Nordic countries? Read articles related to the festive season.

  • Tips for Christmas gifts for men

    Tips for Christmas gifts for men

    With the Christmas season around the corner, many of us are wondering what to gift our dad, husband, boyfriend, son, brother, friend or grandfather... in short, each of the important men in our lives. Let's take a look at some tried and tested gift tips that will definitely make loved ones to smile. Read more

  • Tips for Christmas gifts for women

    Tips for Christmas gifts for women

    The closer the evening of December 24 is, the handier are our gift tips for women. Whether you want to please your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, friend or any other close lady. Come and get inspired by our Christmas selection with guaranteed Scandinavian-style gift tips for women. Read more

  • Tips for Christmas gifts for children

    Tips for Christmas gifts for children

    The little ones should find many surprises under the tree, which is why we have prepared gift ideas that are guaranteed to light up the eyes of every child. Read more

  • Inspiration for a stylish Valentine's Day

    Inspiration for a stylish Valentine's Day

    Whether you're a fan of Valentine's Day, or February 14th is a day like any other for you, get inspired by our selection of love gifts we've (lovingly) prepared for you. You don't have to set aside a special date on the calendar for romantic gestures, so you'll find inspiration year-round. Read more

  • Christmas tree in Scandinavian style

    Christmas tree in Scandinavian style

    Dress your Christmas tree in Nordic style this year. Not only will the timeless elegance of the ornaments certainly suit it, they will also last for years without getting tired. The following lines will give you inspiration and introduce you to everything you can do without when decorating. Read more

  • Top 10 designer gifts

    Top 10 designer gifts

    After the first Sunday in Advent, we chose the TOP 10 Nordic fashion trends that we currently have in store, allowing Santa to easily place them beneath the Christmas tree to the delight of all the recipients. Read more

  • Spooky Halloween in Scandinavia

    Spooky Halloween in Scandinavia

    The last day of October traditionally belongs to Halloween, the eve of All Saints' Day. In addition to Anglo-Saxon countries, this holiday is slowly being celebrated in the Czech Republic and is also popular with Scandinavians. We've done some research into how Halloween is celebrated in the North and have come up with some ideas on how to bring a little Halloween spirit into your home. Come and get a little scared! Read more

  • Celebrate Coffee Day with us

    Celebrate Coffee Day with us

    The first day of October will be scented with the delicious aroma of coffee - at least symbolically, since it is International Coffee Day. At DesignVille, we not only love coffee, but we also enjoy design gadgets for its preparation. So we've combined the pleasant with the useful and invited a barista from the Kávová hvězda café in Brno to talk about coffee, who will not only describe how to prepare coffee, but also reveal what kind of coffee is drunk in Scandinavia. Read more

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