Oblure has been bringing design luminaires that impress with refined aesthetics and ingenuity since 2017. The name of the Swedish brand Oblure was created by combining the words object and allure, which reveals a lot about the brand's core principles. Oblure's main motive is to enhance homes with innovative luminaires that amuse.

With roots in Scandinavian design, Oblure looks at lighting as a work of art. Simplicity, minimalism, functionality and detail are a given, but the brand's products don't stop there. By collaborating with world-renowned designers and with a vision to create the original, the bold and the beautiful, they imprint the luminaires with elements that not only surprise but also captivate.

Some of the most sought-after collections include the Arch pendants, which repetitive shape pays homage to architecture and arches, while borrowing the best and reinterpreting the shape on a different scale. The minimalist design and the interplay of colours create an interesting piece that will stand out above a bar, reception area, brighten up a conference room or the space above a kitchen island, for example. 

The Stair table lamps are also an interesting collection, playing with the concept of staircases. By placing the spherical light source just on the edge of the top step, they create the impression of dynamic movement, thus playing with perception. Behind the fun concept of the luminaire, there is also added functionality in the form of two USB-C sockets for easy charging.

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Products of the brand Oblure

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