A fascination with metal and its abilities led Nicholas B. Anderson to found the Nichba brand. Metal, an ageless and strong material, has become the basis for a portfolio that resounds with design purity and minimalism.

The Danish brand brings an effortless style for everyday use, its simplicity prioritising function over excessive ornamentation or ephemeral trends. Its philosophy follows the tradition of Nordic design, for which the pursuit of creating timeless pieces is key. Despite the strong minimalism, the design pieces do not lack imaginative practicality. 

The furniture and home accessories are made locally in Denmark. Behind every feud there is a great love of craftsmanship, which carries over into the finished product. Skill, precision and careful selection of materials are key in every step of production, where cold and heavy metal is transformed in the hands of skilled craftsmen into designs that feel light and elegant. 

The unmissable representative of the Nichba collection is undoubtedly the Bed Frame. It is the one that retains an impression of lightness regardless of its size and the material from which it is made, just like the Cabinet, for example. The furniture portfolio is complemented by a range of Nichba bathroom accessories, including mirrors, hangers, shelves and other practical furnishings.

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