Choosing from a wide range of timeless Nordic furniture and accessories is not easy. To help you find the right piece for a particular room or event, we've brought you themed picks across the collections.

  • Design outdoor furniture for unforgettable moments

    Design outdoor furniture for unforgettable moments

    Soon the weather will allow to enjoy as many moments as possible in the pleasant company of the sunshine. Get ready for the season with designer furniture of the highest quality that is perfect for the terrace and garden. Choose the set that best suits your style. Read more

  • What to see and visit in Copenhagen? A guide to the design metropolis

    What to see and visit in Copenhagen? A guide to the design metropolis

    What is a must-taste, must-see, must-visit, must-experience and must-drink in Copenhagen? We'll tell you which places the DesignVille team loves. If you're heading to Europe's capital of architecture, Scandinavian design, and above all, irresistible laid-back lifestyle, these are the places you definitely shouldn't miss. Read more

  • Vitra Home Stories for Spring

    Vitra Home Stories for Spring

    If you have Vitra dining chairs in your cart right now, your desired seating will suddenly become a little more comfortable. If you buy four or more of the selected models, you will receive the Soft Seat pads as a gift. Three distinctive shapes and countless designs ensure that it blends with the chair into one design unity. Read more

  • Beauty of material: brass

    Beauty of material: brass

    Brass is a traditional material used in interior design for many years and in various forms. Whether it's a small element or a striking piece of furniture, with its golden hue, the material adds an eye-catching accent to any interior. Read more

  • Affordable Iconic Chairs

    Affordable Iconic Chairs

    Would you like to sit down every day in the comfort of a design icon, but also like to be guided by the metric of price-performance ratio? We bring you a selection of designer dining chairs that max out at a price tag of something like 500 Eur, while being created under the hands of great designers like the Eames, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen. Read more

  • Stylish and comfortable garden seating

    Stylish and comfortable garden seating

    With the sight of the summer spent in the reach of sunlight, the theme of outdoor sitting is becoming more and more relevant. Here's a dose of design inspiration to help you turn your patio, garden or balcony into an oasis of peace and comfort and a place for family and friends to gather. Read more

  • Portable lamps: design and light at hand

    Portable lamps: design and light at hand

    The playful and cute Flowerpot by Verner Panton, the mesmerizing Kizu combining glass and marble or the monochromatic Apollo. The various colours, shapes and stylistic takes on the portable lamp concept open up the space to choose the best one, often resembling a piece of art or decoration. Read more

  • Transforming a kids room

    Transforming a kids room

    The end of the holidays usually means one thing to parents and their children: back to school. Whether your children are sitting down again or for the very first time, they will surely look forward to the start of the school year and their daily homework even more if a high-quality desk, ergonomic chairs and sufficient lighting make the start of the school year more enjoyable. As well as the school equipment, it is certainly a good idea not to underestimate the room furnishings. Read more

  • Summer inspiration: drinking in style

    Summer inspiration: drinking in style

    Summer days full of sunshine and hot temperatures call for an honest hydration. What can seem like everyday need can turn into joy with the help of design accessories. Take a look at our fresh novelties and favourite classics. Read more

  • Summer inspiration: portable lamps

    Summer inspiration: portable lamps

    Beautiful and practical. Portable lamps work without being plugged into electricity, plus they are made with an emphasis on lightness or with a handy feature to grip, so they don't necessarily stay in one place. You'll appreciate their features at home, where flexibility in lighting is often key, and in the summer months, when they add a relaxed atmosphere to evenings spent outdoors. Read more

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