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Sandberg Wallpaper is an established Swedish brand of premium wallpapers. All of the wallpaper designs are being created and drawn in-house directly in Sandberg studio. There is a deep understanding of good craftmanship that goes into each and every motif as well as to the whole production. As a result of this philosophy, Sandberg produce high-quality and design-original wallpapers.

Swedish design family firm – all of that is hidden under the name of Sandberg. Every single wallpaper is created with the intention to turn homes into extraordinary places. Aligned with the ideas of Scandinavian design and the approach to production, they pay attention to even the smallest details when creating wallpapers.

Each and every motif is based on a long journey filled with lots of sketches and hand drawing. The team of Sandbergs own designers firstly draws the motif by hand before sending it to the production.

Every step, from ideas all the way to finished wallpaper roll, is accompanied by understanding and love of the craft. The inspiration behind colour palette as well as designs comes from the Swedish landscape and nature as a whole. Patterns range from aurora borealis to deep forests and its inhabitants, as you can see in the aptly named Skog collection. A special place among the motifs is also taken by those based on cultural values and history. Some of those the creators even like to return and reintroduce.

The Nippon collection, for example, was inspired by natural motifs. The Signatur wallpapers are interesting for lovers of bold colors and patterns. Fans of pastel colors and monochrome wallpapers will surely enjoy the Familj collection.

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