Beauty of material: brass

Beauty of material: brass


Dominika Švandová

Brass is a traditional material used in interior design for many years and in various forms. Whether it's a small element or a striking piece of furniture, with its golden hue, the material adds an eye-catching accent to any interior.

Especially in Scandinavian design, designers often return to classic materials and workmanship, giving them a new, modern form. A great example of this is brass, which is very versatile, works well with various other materials and colours, and can even be a suitable alternative to gold. We have therefore selected a few stylish products from our portfolio for an interior with a timeless charm.

Brass Elements – the Finishing Touch to any Interior

Polished brass looks excellent on its own, yet stands out in contrast to other materials such as marble or glass. You can opt for small decorations such as the Votive Candleholder by &Tradition or the bold Slit Table by HAY. Brass accents can also brighten up the kitchen, whether you choose the Bottle Grinder, Fein Cutlery or some of the other useful accessories. 


  1. Popsicle Clock by Vitra. Designed by George Nelson, this clock has been a design icon since the 1950s.
  2. Clima bottle by 24Bottles. A thermal bottle that keeps your drink hot for up to 12 hours.
  3. Nimbus Mirror by Menu. A decorative and practical table mirror.
  4. Collar Grinder by Stelton. A design accessory for all coffee lovers.
  5. Votive Candleholder by &Tradition. A wall-mounted tea light candleholder for a cozy atmosphere.
  6. Slit Table by HAY. A side table that you cannot overlook.
  7. Bottle Grinders by Menu. Salt and pepper grinders in a timeless design by Norm Architects.
  8. Glass Tray by Ethnicraft. A tray with an eye-catching Bronze Organic motif.
  9. Fein Cutlery by Ferm Living. Elegant cutlery for more than just serving salad.


Elegant Brass Lighting

Lighting adds the right atmosphere to the interior. Our inspiring selection features Mobil Lamps combining brass and milky glass or the Leaves all-brass lamps by Bolia. In a cosy nook, one of the portable lamps from &Tradition will find its place.


  1. Amp by Normann Copenhagen. A pendant lamp inspired by old tube amplifiers.
  2. Leaves by Bolia. A wall lamp with swivel shades.
  3. Gräshoppa by Gubi. A table lamp from the iconic collection designed by Greta M. Grossman.
  4. JWDA by Menu. A floor lamp combining brass, milk glass and travertine.
  5. Mobil 70 by Pholc. An atypical pendant lamp in brass.
  6. Como by &Tradition. A portable lamp designed by Space Copenhagen.
  7. Raku SH8 by &Tradition. A portable lamp in brass and ceramic.
  8. Multi-Lite by Gubi. A timeless lamp designed in 1972 by Louis Weisdorf.

Design icons such as the Gräshoppa and Multi-Lite lamps prove that brass is not a passing trend. On the contrary, it is a timeless material that remains relevant throughout design history. So if you feel inspired, don't hesitate to get our favourite brass design piece. 

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