Portable lamps: design and light at hand

Portable lamps: design and light at hand


Eliška Koukalová

The playful and cute Flowerpot by Verner Panton, the mesmerizing Kizu combining glass and marble or the monochromatic Apollo. The various colours, shapes and stylistic takes on the portable lamp concept open up the space to choose the best one, often resembling a piece of art or decoration.

ATD_2021_RetailWulff ATD2_Pinwheel HM7_Flowerpot VP9-kopi

Scandinavian brands are increasingly reviving the ancient concept of the portable lantern and dressing it up in modern design. Lamps limited by the distance of the cord from the socket may have had their day. In addition to a sophisticatedly concealed switch and multiple light intensities, portable lanterns also boast long battery life and an outdoor presence.

Přenosné lampičky


  1. Como lamp by &Tradition, design by Space Copenhagen
  2. JWDA lamp by Menu, design by Jonas Wagell
  3. Flowerpot VP9 lamp by &Tradition, design by Verner Panton
  4. Apollo lamp by HAY, design STUDIO 0405
  5. Kizu lamp by New Works, design by Lars Tornøe
  6. Meridian lamp by Ferm Living, design studio Regular Company
  7. Caret lamp by &Tradition, design by Matteo Fogale

A fresh spring novelty is the portable version of Kizu by New Works. Like its table predecessor, it catches the eye above all with its distinctive shade that balances atop a rounded base. Sculptural representatives can also be found among the JWDA lamps by Menu.

New Works_Spring 2022_Kizu Portable Table Lamp_Black


The brands Ferm Living and Normann Copenhagen have also made their debuts in the portable lamp section this spring. The former has introduced the beautiful Meridian collection in several enticing designs. There is no shortage of metallic finishes or the popular Cashmere. The Porta luminaires from Normann Copenhagen in matt white, black and grey again exude straightforward minimalism.



Fans of artfully selected shades and monochromatic objects will be delighted with the &Tradition brand with its extensive Flowerpot collection and all its disparate designs. In addition to these, the Como or the banker's lamp-inspired Caret lamps have been newly added.


ATD_Retail_2022_Caret MF1_Collect Planter SC69

If you want to see the portable lamps all together, the handy portable lamp filter in the table lamp section of our website will certainly come in handy. This makes it even easier to discover the lamp that will faithfully accompany you.

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