Transforming a kids room

Transforming a kids room


Eliška Koukalová, Dominika Švandová

The end of the holidays usually means one thing to parents and their children: back to school. Whether your children are sitting down again or for the very first time, they will surely look forward to the start of the school year and their daily homework even more if a high-quality desk, ergonomic chairs and sufficient lighting make the start of the school year more enjoyable. As well as the school equipment, it is certainly a good idea not to underestimate the room furnishings.

There will be no need to compromise between appearance and practicality. Leading Scandinavian design brands like to point out that functional and high-quality furniture for children doesn't have to mean uninteresting in shape or colour. Quite the opposite.

When choosing combinations of shades that are fine-tuned with stylish accessories down to the last detail, you can be guided by one of the selections tailor-made for schoolchildren. It's the accessories or wallpapers that children love to help you choose, and you can let them have a free hand. They will feel all the more comfortable in their newly furnished room.

In neutral tones

If you want your children's room to grow with them into their teens, choose neutral colours that complement the wooden furniture and give the room a harmonious atmosphere. A wallpaper with beautiful illustrations by British illustrator Katie Scott would be a good choice.

Pokoj školáka


  1. Katie Scott Shells wallpaper by Ferm Living.
  2. Fiber swivel-back chair by Muuto.
  3. The Blackbird desk by Ethnicraft.
  4. Design Letters mug with typography by Arne Jacobsen.
  5. Iconic Ball Clock wall clock by Vitra.
  6. Nic Nac organizer by Normann Copenhagen.
  7. Wooden bird Shorebird by Normann Copenhagen.
  8. Flowerpot VP9 portable lamp by &Tradition.


In harmonious contrast

Slightly bolder in colour but spare in pattern, the Igor wallpaper by Sandberg sets the tone for the next selection. It combines light-toned furniture as the basis of the room with more colourful accessories.

Pokoj školáka

  1. Igor wallpaper from the Familj II wallpaper collection by Sandberg.
  2. The versatile Bit Stool from Normann Copenhagen.
  3. Leaf LED table lamp by Muuto.
  4. Copenhague CPH 90 table by HAY.
  5. The Park embroidered cushion by Ferm Living.
  6. Arrange Desktop Desk Organizer by Muuto.
  7. Magnet Dots magnet set by Vitra.


Space Blue

A wallpaper with a print of planets and stars that will delight any little adventurer. Other furnishings will be particularly popular for their practicality - the AAC swivel chair is extremely comfortable thanks to its raised backrest and padding, Buddy combines a lamp and pencil holder, and the JFK desk is complete with pull-out drawers and space to hide all the cables.

Pokoj školáka

  1. Moon wallpaper with a cosmic print by Ferm Living.
  2. Toolbox organiser by Vitra.
  3. Black scissors from the Danish brand HAY.
  4. Ambit hanging lamp by Muuto.
  5. Office swivel chair AAC by HAY.
  6. JFK desk by Norr11.
  7. Buddy desk lamp with pencil holder by Northern.

If you have children of different ages, you can certainly also be inspired by some of the preschooler selections and combine furniture to suit your needs. You'll find accessories, wallpapers and children's furniture especially for younger-aged kids neatly sorted in the kids section of our website.

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