Affordable Iconic Chairs

Affordable Iconic Chairs


Eliška Koukalová, Dominika Švandová

Would you like to sit down every day in the comfort of a design icon, but also like to be guided by the metric of price-performance ratio? We bring you a selection of designer dining chairs that max out at a price tag of something like 500 Eur, while being created under the hands of great designers like the Eames, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen.

Although even such prominent figures of modernism were certainly aware of the value of their designs, what was more important to them was the role that design played in everyday life. Even then, designers were already creating incredibly versatile and visually expressive furniture that they wanted to make as accessible as possible to ordinary people. This was the main mission of, for example, Charles and Ray Eames, who had a wide range of uses and convenient features in mind. They thus became pioneers not only in the visual aspect of design, but also in its philosophy. Although it never ceases to fascinate us, it's no wonder that even a seven-decade-old design proves its validity and genius in homes today.


One example for all is the Vitra chairs from the Eames Plastic collection, which perhaps need no introduction. We'll just mention that the most affordable option is the one with a metal base and seat without arms, but even the one with arms is around ten thousand. It's up to you which shade you opt for. Also an affordable option, and available in several colours, is the iconic Panton chair, which is synonymous with the seating revolution. Its bold design inspired many later designs in the history of console chairs.


  1. Vitra Eames DSX Chair. Innovative all-skin seat complemented by an X-type base.
  2. Drop Chair, Fritz Hansen. Designed originally for the legendary SAS Royal hotel in Copenhagen.
  3. Vitra Eames DSR Chair. A variant of the Eames chair with an interesting Rod base, also known as the Eiffel.
  4. Panton Chair, Vitra. The first all-plastic console chair dressed in beautiful colours.
  5. All Plastic Chair, Vitra. An all-plastic chair playing with several shades of the same colour.
  6. Ant Chair, Fritz Hansen. The ant-like seat with a raised head inspired the name of the chair.

Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention an absolute classic among dining chairs - the design by Arne Jacobsen. The legendary Ant collection offers countless seat and base designs that can also be combined very well. In addition, the Drop chairs are also among the more affordable options, for example in monochrome versions.



More design features that won't break the bank

The dining chair category also offers more affordable options from contemporary designers, which is why we've included this bonus selection. You may be interested in the wide range of chairs from the AAC collection, Form or the popular Visu collection, not only in pastels.


  1. Co Chair, Menu. Stackable design representative of the school chair concept.
  2. Form Chair, Normann Copenhagen. A highly durable and design-specific chair in a rich shade.
  3. Visu Chair, Muuto. A chair that lives up to its name: Visu means precision in Finnish.
  4. Chair J104, HAY. A classic design from the 1960s relaunched by HAY.
  5. AAC Chair, HAY. One of the many variations of an extensive and very popular collection.
  6. Harbour, Menu. Originally designed for the Menu space only, the morphology has escaped the showroom walls.

If you're thinking of taking up permanent residence with one of the design icons but are having a hard time deciding, we have great news. They go very well together, so you can combine them as you please.



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