Best Pendant lights under 400 EUR

Best Pendant lights under 400 EUR


Eliška Koukalová, Dominika Švandová

Do you believe that spending 400 EUR will allow you to select the design light of your dreams? The answer can be found in this selection. We have explored the worlds of both bulbs and lampshades in order to bring you a lighting special with costs up to 400 EUR.

To select the most intriguing pendant lights among the numerous designs and materials, we looked through all of the available options. Not to mention the larger lights with eye-catching shades that serve as the room's focal point and the unassuming outlets with exposed bulbs. It is then fully up to you to select your preferred industrial lamp, a lamp with a classic shape, a lamp made of glass, or a lamp made of natural materials.

1) Glass lamps

Glass lamps are just eternal classics, whether they are smoky, milky, or transparent. They beautifully brighten the room, and the material itself, which is unassuming at first glance, draws attention due to reflections. They go well with both traditionally designed rooms and minimalist settings. Don't disregard the finer points. An intriguing component of the glass shade can be its composition and color.

Glass lamps

  1. Orb pendants, Bolia. A stylish and modern lamps.
  2. Amp Pendants, Normann Copenhagen. Lamps with amplifier tube design inspiration.
  3. Rime Pendants, Muuto. Acorns served as inspiration for the lamp's unusual shape.
  4. Blown Pendants, &Tradition. The shape suggests a play of lights and shadows.
  5. Collect Pendants, Ferm Living. Sphere-shaped lamps with an opal shade.
  6. Mega Bulb SR2 Pendants, &Tradition. Elegant and sophisticated hand-blown glass luminaire.
  7. JWDA hanging lamps, Menu. The glass, steel, and concrete components are modern.
  8. Bank Pendant, Menu. Was influenced by authentic Art Deco lighting from the 1920s.
  9. Northern Unika lights. Brass accents on a lamp made of hand-blown glass.

2) A colourful classic

Even regularly shaped lamps don't have to be boring. In fact, the more open form enables a wider range of hue and tone. There are numerous choices due to the expansive color palettes of some sets. For instance, vibrant hues are perfect as the focus of a child's room or as a counterbalance to the space's more apparent characteristics.

A colourful classic

  1. Gubi Ronde pendant lights. The lamp, which resembles an upside-down glass, was inspired by lamps from the 1970s.
  2. Topan Pendants, &Tradition. Verner Panton created the first produced lamp in 1959.
  3. Bell Pendants, Normann Copenhagen . A hanging lamp with a bell-like shape.
  4. FlowerPot Pendants, &Tradition. Verner Panton's iconic lamps perfectly encapsulate the wonder of their time.
  5. Ambit Pendants, Muuto. Excellent lacquered aluminum hanging light with a minimal design.
  6. Mingus P1 Pendants, Fritz Hansen. The matt lacquered aluminum shade with geometric form.
  7. Muuto Unfold pendant lamp. Durable rubber was used to make the shade.
  8. Muuto E27 LED pendant light. The understated Muuto E27 pendant lamp from Denmark makes a statement and honors the inherent beauty of the "common" light bulb.
  9. Grain Pendant, Muuto. A composite of bamboo fibers and polypropylene is used to make the lamp shade.
  10. Kaiser Idell Pendant, Fritz Hansen. The iconic Kaiser Idell series, created by Christian Dell in the 1930s, includes the hanging lamp.

3) Pendant lights in natural materials

Using lamps with shades made of wood or other natural materials helps the space feel airy and light. They surprise with their highly thought-out design and skillfully molded structure despite having a seemingly simple appearance. Moreover, materials like paper or fabric disperse light throughout the area uniformly. The warm, welcoming touch gives you the impression that a lantern is floating over the space.

Pendant lights in natural materials

  1. Hashira Pendant, Menu. The lamps' cylindrical design was influenced by traditional Japanese lanterns.
  2. Formakami JH5 Pendant, &Tradition. The Scandinavian and Asian cultures are humorously blended in the lamp.
  3. 30 Degrees Lamp, HAY. To obtain the smooth contour of the wood, the oak veneer was curved at a 30 degree angle.
  4. Lullaby Pendant, Fritz Hansen. Thin ash slats are used to mold the shade into pentagonal, slightly organic shapes.
  5. Formakami JH4 Pendant, &Tradition. Two light sources are hidden by the rice paper and oak wood shade.
  6. Open-strand Pendant, Muuto. The lamp features a classy, classic design with curvy, fun edges.

4) Industrial style

If your interior features a lot of concrete or exposed brick, an industrial style lamp will go nicely with it. But metal lamps reminiscent of those from factories are also great for minimalist interiors thanks to their simple shapes and mostly black and white palette.

Industriální svítidla do 10 000 Kč

  1. Bestlite Pendants, Gubi. Bestlite lamps have been in continuous production since 1930 and are a true design icon.
  2. Cast Pendant, Menu. The designers took inspiration from ancient plumb bobs.
  3. Dokka lamps, Northern. Dark grey lamp with brass detail.
  4. Copenhagen Pendants, &Tradition. Lamp inspired by old marine gas lamps.
  5. Caravaggio pendant lamp, Fritz Hansen. The lamp was launched in 2005 and immediately gained design icon status.
  6. Grant pendant lamp, Normann Copenhagen. The soft rounded shape of the head is inspired by typical street lighting in Copenhagen.
  7. Kaiser Idell pendant lamp, Fritz Hansen. The timeless lamp in matt finish is made of steel and brass.
  8. Voyage pendant lamp, Million. The design of the lamp combines the inspiration of French industrial lamps with an admiration for space travel.

This is of course not the end of our range, but we have a further selection of of pendant lamps (even on a tighter budget), we leave it up to you!

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