Wallpaper calculator: how many rolls to buy

Wallpaper calculator: how many rolls to buy


Katka Horáková

Anyone who has ever wanted to wallpaper a room had to struggle with the question of how many wallpaper rolls are needed. That's why we've launched a simple wallpaper calculator that makes it easy to find out the right amount for each tape of wallpaper, depending on roll size or even the pattern.

At DesignVille, you'll find Scandinavian design wallpaper from brands like BorasTapeter, Engblad&Co, Sandberg and Ferm Living. These wallpapers are a great way to liven up your interior.

Where can I find the wallpaper calculator and how to use it?

The calculator is available in the DesignVille store for each wallpaper (except for the mural wallpapers, which are sold as individual pieces).The link to the calculator can be found directly below the cart button, as shown in the following image:


Wallpaper calculator - link


After clicking on the link, a window with calculator will appear. Here you simply enter the length and height of the wall in straight into your basket, as shown in the next image:


Wallpaper Calculator


You can try out the calculator right away with the example of the famous wallpaper Ypsilon 2735 by Arne Jacobsen. Of course, the calculator also takes into account pattern repetition (called rapport*).


Would you like to calculate the quantity of wallpaper manually?

If you prefer to calculate the quantity of wallpaper yourself, do the following: before calculating, measure the length and height of the wall and start calculating using the following formula: 


(wall length + repeat*) × wall height = Y m²


Round the Y result up to whole numbers. You have now found the area of the wall, this still needs to be divided by the area of the wallpaper. Most wallpaper sold in Europe is 10.05 metres long and 0.53 metres wide, an area of 5 m². Now divide the wall area you have found by the wallpaper area:


Y m² / 5 = X


Round up the X result again and you now know how many rolls of wallpaper you need. Be careful to perform all operations with numbers in the same units. To be safe, you can purchase one extra roll to use for any later repairs or to keep for later use.

*Packing, somewhere you will also find the term rapport or repeat, indicates the interval after which the wallpaper pattern repeats. This length should be respected and the wallpaper should be pasted so that it follows each other. The repeat data can be found on each wallpaper in the DesignVille range and, of course, on the individual rolls.

As you can see, the whole calculation is very easy with our wallpaper calculator and it makes it simple to find out how many rolls of beautiful wallpaper to purchase to create your dream interior with. So don't hesitate and let's venture into the world of fascinating Scandinavian wallpaper designs

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