Ferm Living's new products in the sign of refinement and organic shapes

Ferm Living's new products in the sign of refinement and organic shapes


Eliška Koukalová, Dominika Švandová

Fans of novelty pieces in particular will find their favourites among the new products from Ferm Living. Let yourself be carried away by a design that reminds you of the unique shapes of nature or attracts you with an imaginative concept of space.

Tables with an idea

Three as one. Ferm Living's sophisticated Cluster coffee table set delights with its space-saving and stylish uniqueness. The trio of metal tables, each with a distinctive design, look light and subtle despite the material used. The different yet uniform appearance of each piece in the set directly invites different configurations, whether they are cascaded in a single line or arranged as solitaires around the room.

Ferm Living Cluster

ferm LIVING Cluster


The asymmetrical novelty of the Level Side Table is certainly also an interesting choice, as its colour scheme matches the Cluster tables. The subtle metal frame gives the impression of one unbroken line, the beginning and end of which create space for two levels of storage. Both table collections are suitable for both indoors and outdoors thanks to the material used.

Ferm Living Level


Enchanting waves in the form of Oyster lamps

The gentle lines of the organic curves seem to ripple into the space.Oyster lamps immediately attract attention thanks to their mesmerising shape. In addition to the almost sculptural impression, the shaped metal that follows the oyster shell also ensures that the light is softly diffused around the room. An interesting play of light and shadow is also provided by Oyster table lampwhich looks like a piece of art at first glance.

Ferm Living Oyster


For the little ones

Perhaps every heart must light up at the sight of a Roy Merino Teddy Bear. Made from the finest merino wool in a handsome knitted vest, he will add an adorable decoration and cuddly friend all in one to your child's room. When playtime is over, he'll find refuge in one of the apple and pear-shaped storage baskets, where you can easily store other toys or blankets in addition to the teddy. For example, you can place it next to a set of Little Architects children's furniture, now also available in Poppy Red.

Ferm Living Little Architect

ferm LIVING Apple

Ferm Living Roy Merino Teddy


Something extra

Don't look for strict geometric lines and symmetry among the new additions that will help you complete the overall atmosphere of your home. Undulating curves Oyster bowls will grace your table, Verso vases bring out the beauty of flowers and Vista blankets will entice you to curl up with a good book. Although they differ in shape and materials (such as ceramic, brass or 100% cotton), they stick to the signature style of the Danish brand, and together they make the perfect set.

ferm LIVING Vista Blanket

Ferm Living dekorace

ferm LIVING Oyster Bowl

The mirrored surfaces are also easy to bring the room to life. These can visually enlarge and illuminate the space, in a rendition of the Pond mirrors with a shape that mimics the untamed nature of water. In a collection that includes several sizes, including a table mirror, you can also choose from two metal frame finishes: brass or dark chrome.

Ferm Living Pond

The range of unique pieces doesn't end there. Take a look at all the new Ferm Living products and make yourself, your loved ones or the little ones happy.

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