Prague apartment full of organic tones and tranquility

Prague apartment full of organic tones and tranquility


Eliška Koukalová

Explore a stunning apartment in Prague's Karlín area, which is breathing Scandinavian aesthetics.. The minimalist duplex was renovated under the guidance of the Atelier Monday team, with whom we have had the pleasure of working on several previous projects.

The generous seat cushions of the modular Cosima sofa by Bolia, the sculptural morphology of the Hippo armchair by Norr11, the rounded Rico ottoman or the Margas armchair exude ease and tranquillity. From the very first brief by Atelier Monday, we had a sense that this project would be a piece of Scandinavia in Prague.


The concept of an open mezzanine with a dominant, organic staircase and an emphasis on light and earthy tones established a relatively clear colour palette, which Ateliér Monday uses with great skill and which is also very close to us. The apartment of the Ortners, the famous photographer Andreas and the successful model Viktoria, reflects both their lifestyle and their favourite destinations – Copenhagen and Paris, which the interior manages to reflect. Don't you think?


Looking at the dining area, you can't help but admire the abundance of natural light that spreads through the room. We therefore only welcome the choice of the airy design of Bolia's Balloon lamps. They meet beautifully with the tones of artist Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková's painting, which is illuminated by a pair of Vuelta lamps by Ferm Living. 




These beautiful images were taken for an article in the Czech Elle Decoration, for which they were captured by Honza Zima.

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