New brand at DesignVille: New Works

New brand at DesignVille: New Works


Eliška Koukalová, Dominika Švandová

Creating a space for unbound experimentation from which the best design emerges was the original intention of the founders of New Works. We are delighted that New Works products are now a new addition to the DesignVille portfolio and can therefore beautify your interiors.

The experimental approach, along with an emphasis on tactility, craftsmanship, and respect for nature, are among the brand's core values. The respect for nature is also reflected in its approach to materials. The founders Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik try to step out of the stereotypical focus of Scandinavian design almost exclusively on wood, preferring to use steel in combination with various natural stones.

New Works stůl Florence

New Works Covent

The emphasis on the material is noticeable, for example, when looking at the minimalistic lines of Aura mirrors. Through the lines, the Mass table and Mass daybed also make the material stand out. In the work of the Danish brand, which was founded in 2015, one can also recognize the aforementioned artistic approach in an effort to create pieces reminiscent of those from the gallery, only more accessible.

New Works lenoška Mass

Sculptural art is recalled in several pieces from the brand's portfolio, most notably in the Kizu table lamps. Using the shapes and materials chosen, their designer Lars Tornøe has achieved a sculptural design that exudes harmony and balance. While the refined marble base rests on the surface with unwavering confidence, the hemisphere-shaped lampshade seems to be balancing, trying to trick the gravity.

New Works lampa Kizu

New Works lampa Kizu

Resisting the earth's gravity is also inherent to the Tense pendant lamp. With its shape and material, with a little imagination, it can easily be described as a cloud floating through the room.  Thin, almost invisible cords hold a large shade made of Tyvek, a non-woven recyclable fabric, that diffuses the light and makes it soft and ethereal. In its largest version, with its 120 centimeters, it will surely dominate the room.

New Works lampa Tense

New Works lampa Tense

The New Works portfolio also includes sofas or chairs. An example is the Covent collection, its pleasantly rounded and uncomplicated shapes make it easy to match with the rest of the interior. Whether you choose a more airy design with a metal base or a classic sofa concept, you won't compromise on comfort - it's the main theme of the entire collection.

New Works Covent Sofa

New Works Covent

New Works židle Covent

The New Works furniture range is further complemented by pieces from the Florence collection. The design duo Knut Bendik Humlevik & Josefine Hedemann have created side tables and shelving units in metal, glass, and marble using geometric shapes. The distinctive design of each one manages to catch the eye on its own, while at the same time it was designed with the idea of offering a place to display favorite objects.

New Works police Florence

New Works stolky Florence

Do you find yourself enchanted by the above-mentioned pieces from New Works? Explore other novelties, which will surely soon grow in our news section. 


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