Muuto Unfold - unbreakable children's room pendant

Muuto Unfold - unbreakable children's room pendant


Katka Horáková

If you are choosing a lamp for a child's room, one of the parameters to take into account is that the shade should be able to withstand wild children's games, ball hits, etc. This is one of the two reasons why the Muuto Unfold pendant lamp from the Danish company Muuto is a popular fixture for children's rooms or play areas in restaurants.

The shade of the Muuto Unfold lamp is based on a classic industrial lamp, but is made of soft silicone rubber. Thanks to this atypical material, the lamp looks very modern and sympathetic. The second reason for its popularity is the fact that it comes in several striking colours. From the following photos, it looks like yellow is especially popular in children's rooms, but Muuto has also recently added the Unfold lamp in orange and red to other mostly cool and more reserved shades. I believe these cheerful shades will soon find their way into children's bedrooms.

Muuto Unfold pendant lamp in yellow

Lustr Muuto Unfold

Muuto Unfold Chandelier in Black

Lampa Unfold od Muuto, žlutá

Muuto Unfold Lamps

The rubber lamp was designed by Swedish design trio Form Us With Love, and can be folded just by pressing on its top. Even from the store, it comes in a very economical package, so it "unfolds" nicely - hence its name Unfold. If you like the Muuto Unfold lamps we have it in stock for you in our e-store in several colors.

Lampa Muuto Unfold je vyrobena ze silikonové gumy

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