Muuto News for the Spring Season 2023

Muuto News for the Spring Season 2023


Dominika Švandová

With the "New Nordic" slogan, the Danish brand Muuto emphasises its intention to push the boundaries of Scandinavian design a little further – and its newly launched collection is no exception. It presents several pieces that are functional and fit easily into a finished interior, yet still have an element of surprise. Let's take a closer look at them!

Like being in a duvet

The apt name Wrap has been given to a collection of new loungechairs. These are designed to mimic the feeling of calm and comfort of wrapping yourself in a soft blanket as closely as possible. Indeed, the design itself resembles a puffy duvet draped over a lightweight steel frame. The designers have thus, following extensive research and valuable know-how, achieved their goal of creating a piece of furniture that provides you with maximum comfort.

Muuto Wrap

Muuto Wrap


Subtle in design, distinctive in functionality

Even when it comes to one of the most popular categories of design at the moment – the category of portable lamps, Muuto does not hesitate. With three neutrals and one more colourful shade, the Ease Lamp joins many of its predecessors in our portfolio. The design of the lamp gives the impression of lightness and softness, while the focus is on practicality. Instead of a restrictive cord, it offers a rechargeable battery with a life of up to 29 hours, and there is also a three-level dimmer for setting the desired lighting intensity.

Muuto Ease

Muuto Ease


Focused on materials

For the Couple Table Collection, the Danish brand teamed up with Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz. In his design, he has opted for an eye-catching combination of wood and ceramics. From the fine natural material, he created the base, from the strong and durable ceramic tiles, he created the tabletop. To make the most of the material's properties, he also introduced two different designs: one purely smooth, the other with a ribbed texture.

Muuto Couple

The Couple Collection offers a wide range of different combinations depending on the type of tabletop, the shade of wood, or the size of the table.
"Every time someone comes through the studio, they have this urge to touch it, run their fingers along its ridges. That is how you know that you succeed in making something truly tactile." – Sylvain Willenz

Muuto Couple

Muuto Couple


Even more colourful

New products also await you in existing, time-tested collections. In the E27 pendant lamp range with exposed bulbs and distinctive coloured cables, additional shades have been added, carefully selected to enliven the interior but also to blend in perfectly with the rest of the furnishings. The Pebble Carpet Collection has also been expanded to include more colours. Now available in brown-green and light blue.

The well-known Fiber Chair range has also been updated with new armchairs with padded cushions for greater comfort, for example at the office desk. The new Fiber Conference Armchair comes in either a metal or wooden base.

Muuto E27

Muuto Pebble

Muuto Fiber Conference Chair

Feel free to explore all the new Muuto designs. There are many different designs to choose from, whether in terms of shade, size, or material.

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