Mere Bowls: the story behind simple centerpiece

Mere Bowls: the story behind simple centerpiece


Dominika Švandová

What underlies a design that aligns simplicity with sophistication in a well-balanced ratio? Join us at the Helsinki studio of Sally Luhtasela and Wesley Walters to delve into the creative process behind Muuto’s Mere Bowls.

MUUTO Studio Kaksikko

Muuto Studio Kaksikko, Mere Bowl

Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters first met at the Aalto School of the Arts, Design, and Architecture. Still, they continued to collaborate, known as Studio Kaksikko, long after they graduated from ceramics at the prestigious university. They approach their work with the same enthusiasm for the process of making. At the beginning, there is no clear idea of the final product or its production. On the contrary, the objects, in all their beauty and functionality, are created intricately, from sketches to prototypes, with repeated experiments and gradual refinement. In their own words, Salla and Wesley are first and foremost makers, then designers. And so it comes as no surprise that their studio includes a ceramics workshop or a complete woodworking facility.

MUUTO Studio Kaksikko Mere Bowl

Muuto Studio Kaksikko, Mere Bowl

The Mere collection is exceptional in many ways, however, the process described above applies to it as well. The initial inspiration came from a small porcelain object created on the pottery wheel, which intrigued the designers with a contrasting conical round shape and strict line of its bottom. Yet this was not enough to find the right form - one that would be simple and perfect in any size, close to an archetypal bowl, and yet outstanding. 

Paper prototyping came next. This is how the centre line was created, which seems to divide the object into two parts and allows us to observe the play of light and shadows. Maybe it even resembles a folded sheet of paper?

Muuto Studio Kaksikko, Mere Bowl


A similarly significant design element is the narrow base, which elevates the bowls but is not very noticeable. This gives the design a sense of lightness, as if the bowls were floating a few centimetres above the surface. Finally, the shape is covered in a monochrome glossy glaze which allows it to fully stand out.

Although, or perhaps because of, the uncomplicated design, the Mere Bowls will stand out beautifully on your dining table, whether you fill them with fruit or leave them empty.

MUUTO Mere Bowl


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