Focus on materials: marble

Focus on materials: marble


Dominika Švandová, Eliška Koukalová

Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also to withstand the tests of time and everyday use, Scandinavian brands choose the highest quality materials for their products. One of these is marble - a stone that, despite its purely natural origins, does not lack charm and elegance.

Its name is derived from the Greek "marmaros", interpreted as "snow-white, unblemished stone", yet marble can take many forms, differing in colour or texture. Moreover, its uniqueness lies in the fact that no two pieces are identical. What they do have in common, however, is the heft and strength that make them last beautifully for many years. The material, which often conjures up images of luxury and ostentation, is thus becoming increasingly popular and is making its way into ordinary home interiors in the form of furniture, lamps and accessories.

Bolia mramor

Furniture made from raw material acknowledges all its beauty and characteristics. Despite its simple design, it often functions as a very impressive piece, especially if it is a solid wood such as marble or travertine, for example from Italy. Join us for a glimpse into the production process of a small Lombard company, where thirteen experts in the craft take care of the marble.


ferm LIVING Mineral

It all starts with a tap on the marble slab. In the case of Ferm Living 's Mineral collection, for example, exclusively made from Bianco Curia marble. A skilled craftsman who has worked with rocks all his life knows which ones he can recommend for further processing in the production of tables just by this slight movement. The slabs then go under the blade of the cutting machine, which is constantly cooled by a stream of water - this is used repeatedly. Then comes the handwork, the sharp edges are chiselled away by another of the skilled employees knowledgeable in the craft.

ferm LIVING Mineral

All that awaits the finished marble is the surface treatment to bring out the beauty of the natural stone and the final assembly. The uniqueness and texture of marble and travertine are imparted by long natural processes and the presence of high temperatures and pressure. Many sites of these magnificent remnants of unique natural processes are found in Italy. Moreover, the State protects this precious natural wealth by strict legislation, and only 30% of each deposit may be extracted. In addition, no piece is wasted, and the small fragments are then used to tile buildings and repair roads.

ferm LIVING Mineral

In the Italian province, two coffee tables are being created in this way for the Ferm Living brand. In the design of the first one, three boards meet, the edges of which are hand-hewn. This makes the Mineral Sculptural table resemble a sculptural work of art that, despite its small size, commands attention.

ferm LIVING Mineral Sculptural

The second table, the Mineral Coffee Table, will also easily become a focal point of the interior. Thanks to the delicate combination of materials, the beauty of the two marble blocks can be seen through the clear glass of its top.

Ferm Living mineral

The perfect interplay between the stone and the other materials also stands out in the presentation of the lamps, further emphasised by the light they emit. Marble is often used as a solid base, complemented by a shade. Whether made of opal glass, as in the case of Kizu lamps, or of fabric, as in the Gravity collection.

New Works Kizu

Thanks to the veining, unique to each piece of stone, the marble pieces become an endless source of fascination. They won't tire the jury whether they adorn your home in the form of a large table top or as a lamp base. You may even be reminded of the story behind the making of each unique marble design when you see them.

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