Matryoshka as a stylish decoration

Matryoshka as a stylish decoration


Katka Horáková

We all know the classic matryoshkas or babushkas in Russian national costumes. Modern interpretations of matryoshkas – figures graduated by size that can be hidden in each other – are very popular; often also as stylish interior decoration.

They are artistically stylized, graphically interesting, most often as various human or animal figures, or often completely abstract, minimalistic, playing with form only. For some reason, these figures keep fascinating children and adults alike. Although "the nesting doll principle" is very simple, it is hard to resist the urge to see how small the smallest of them could be.

We do have plenty of toys in our showroom for children to have fun with, however, in the vast majority of cases their little hand head straight to Matryoshka. They take them apart and put them side by side in different ways, try to pair different pieces together, or hide them all inside each other again.


In the case of these Ferm Living's Critter Nesting Dolls, children meets a group of animal friends, from the smallest little birdy to the largest elephant. The illustrations have clear outlines that help children practice fine motor skills as they assemble the pieces so that the animals' bodies fit together correctly. These dolls are painted in pleasant colours, so they bring playfulness to the children's room in the form of cute illustrations.


A few tips on other dolls that have delighted our eyes:



Minimalism is taken even further in the series of pure white matryoshkas from Maison Martin Margiela.

Set matrjošek na motivy pohádky o Červené Karkulce

Set matrjošek na motivy pohádky o Červené Karkulce

A set of matryoshkas based on the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. The enlarged bottom part can serve as a food bowl or the individual figures as small boxes.

Sources: 3) Maison Martin Marigiela 4-5) Pistacchi Design 

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