Brighten up autumn with a new design from Muuto

Brighten up autumn with a new design from Muuto


Eliška Koukalová

If you're starting to miss the summer sunshine, don't miss Muuto's autumn news: with the Calm lamp, you won't forget the warm sun even in winter. Discover the new Muuto pieces and be as impressed as we are by the excellent design.

Novelties among lighting

Atmospheric Calm lamps
The Calm lamp embodies a very unusual intersection of a sculptural concept with the possibilities offered by the light spectrum. The textile surface of the wall lamp creates a soothing gradient from the light source to the edge of the circular object. Calm's captivatingly simple design along with the ability to adjust the lighting temperature forecast the popularity of this piece, whether used to create a coveted atmosphere or interesting compositions.


Fine Suspension Lamp
Mesmerising simplicity is taken to the next level in the design of the new Fine Suspension Lamp. The designers at TAF Studio played around with the concept of an LED lamp, which they eventually simplified down to the very basics. The result is an industrial, delicately nuanced source of pleasant light brought to minimalist perfection, which offers a surprising number of uses. "We designed it so that it can be hung both horizontally and vertically. The light source is exposed, but provides a pleasant light without glare. The Fine Suspension Lamp has a particularly architectural character that is fun to experiment with," explains Mattias Ståhlbom. The straightforward nature of the lamp invites the creation of geometric clusters, which can be enhanced by these details thanks to the three lengths and three colours. 


Table version of Strand lamp
The popular concept of pendant lamps has also been reflected in the Strand table lamp. The lightweight design wrapped in a sprayed fibre cocoon can now spread irresistibly pleasant light from the level of a coffee table, chest of drawers or windowsill. At the same time, it will sit well in design with its pendant counterparts in the Strand collection.


Distinctive accessories

Mere bowls
The sophisticatedly unobtrusive form together with the artfully chosen colours give the new Mere bowls their unique characteristics. In design, they are just between a traditional bowl form and a sculptural piece. Its story began behind the potter's wheel and continued through folded paper prototypes to the result in ceramic stoneware with a high-gloss glaze. Supported by a discreet foot, the Mere bowls appear to float in space. Perhaps in the middle of a table, whose setting they elevate with their uncomplicatedly direct design, whether they are filed with fruit or stand out with their minimalist curves.


Reduce Paper Bin
Captivatingly simple curves don't just have to stand out on the table, but underneath the table. But we bet you won't be hiding the Reduce Paper Bin under your desk anyway. The stylishly coloured bins don't just boast a precise design: as the name suggests, they give another use to the plastic waste, which makes up 93% of each piece.


In addition to the new designs, Muuto has also added new pieces to existing collections, for example the popular Fiber chairs are now available in a Soft version with generous padding as well as in an Outdoor version. Another outdoor version is sure to delight fans of the minimalist 70/70 table design. Not to be forgotten is the new Workshop bench, which completes the collection full of tables and chairs and nicely rounds off the list of novelties full of precise minimalist aesthetics. And a litteral dot is being add by a new colours of Muuto's all time favourite hangers The Dots.



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