Introducing the Skagerak brand

Introducing the Skagerak brand


Eliška Koukalová

Although the weather has not yet predicted the outdoor season for this year, we advise against taking any chances. Get ready for sunny days, perhaps with one of the new pieces in our portfolio - the Skagerak brand. The company has been specialising in the production of quality outdoor furniture made of wood since 1976.

The beauty of wood plays a central role in Skagerak pieces, which stand out because of the straightforward yet elegant design by the top design studios in the world. Skagerak has its origins in history and the fundamental principles of Scandinavian design. The name of the company also alludes to the region that connects Denmark to its northern neighbors and has had a significant impact on the growth of that area.


Whether you are choosing a designer sun lounger, quality outdoor seating, a bench with a hanger to your hallway or a dining table with chairs, the brand's defining characteristics and priorities are clear in every item. Wood is the most prevalent material used in practically all products, therefore it should come as no surprise that Skagerak's concept is centered on quality and sustainability, from choosing the best materials to making things that endure as long as possible. Once more, wood is associated with the concept of furniture that lasts for more than one generation since it develops beauty and character with age. Let's take a look at which pieces in particular exude character.


For instance, you can relax in the luxurious Riviera collection loungers while taking in the delightful warmth of the sun. When not in use, the pieces can be folded into more compact shapes thanks to the teak ribbing that runs throughout the entire series. The chaise lounge can also serve as a bench. In the case of numerous visitors, the Lounge variant's width can also be altered and used as an additional seating area. You can pick from a variety of lovely customized pillows for one or both. In the Virkelyst collection, padding is crucial. All lovers of comfort will be won over by the simple curves of the timber frame and the plush comfort of the seat cushions.


With a sun lounger, cushions, and a footstool that doubles as storage, the Between Lines eries is ideal for sunbathing in a little more upright position than the Riviera. All are in a straightforward, regular teak design that emphasizes the lines, as the name of the collection suggests. Among the outdoor collections, the Plank furniture with similar characteristics cannot go unmentioned. The backs of the benches and chairs are also fitted with a practical wooden plate that can comfortably hold your preferred drink, a candle or a bowl of olives.


The Pelagus collection includes everything you need if you intend to make the most of the lovely summer weather with the presence of family and friends whom you will gather around the table while enjoying delicious food and beverages. From spacious tables and stackable seats in a variety of designs to a comfortable armchair with a luxurious lounger. The furnishings in your garden or patio can thus be nicely unified in design.


Skagerak also offers interesting design pieces for the interior. For example, those from the Cutter collection with visible ribbing, which in the case of wall hangers creates an interesting optical impression as if the hangers were levitating. A bench in the same design also fits nicely underneath the coat rack, together with which it forms a nicely unified set. In addition, you can take the bench with you on the balcony.


We must not forget the distinctive Georg collection, which is very interesting in design. At first glance, the straightforward wooden pieces are complemented by padding attached with strips of leather, together creating a very recognisable look for this collection. As you can surely tell, the Japanese design inspiration is apparent in the warmth that the combination of wood, linen, and leather. It runs through all the pieces in the collection: for example, the coat racks or the interestingly designed pair of hangers suspended from a leather strap. There are also chic console tables or a dining table that achieve the same design qualities.


Whether you're picking out pieces for ultimate garden comfort or looking to brighten up a hallway, there's definitely plenty to choose from the Skagerak portfolio.

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