Create your personal art gallery with The Poster Club

Create your personal art gallery with The Poster Club


Dominika Švandová

Just as an interior is not complete until its walls are empty, so has our portfolio lacked a comprehensive range of posters from which to choose, both for lovers of minimalism and fans of bold elements that attract attention. Luckily, we've teamed up with the Danish brand The Poster Club to bring you something from both categories.

While The Poster Club's posters and art prints are varied, the overall portfolio remains cohesive thanks to the brand's commitment to bringing a curated selection of the best pieces out there. The Copenhagen-based studio, also known as TPC, takes inspiration from Scandinavian culture, fashion, design and current trends in the creative industries, and then selects with a rigorous eye the works of both well-known and yet undiscovered artists.

The Poste Club

The Poster Club


The idea of gathering the best artworks and making them easily accessible was born naturally. Thomas Nissen searched in vain for a place that would inspire him when selecting pieces for the walls of his own home. To make the process easier for others, he founded The Poster Club. Careful selection has thus been the brand's mainstay from the beginning, with each of the prints, photographs or paintings having to go through it. The precision is also reflected in other aspects such as the choice of materials, printing methods and product packaging.

The Poster Club


The range includes posters with graphic patterns, portraits and colourful abstract works. Among the artists and designers are renowned names such as Atelier Cph, Sofia Lind, Anne Nowak and Rebecca Hein. Let's introduce at least some of them!

The Poster Club

TPC x Rebecca Hein

Artist, designer and founder of the design and interior brand Hein Studio, Rebecca Hein, likes to create in her house by the sea. Thus, her work gives a sense of the tranquillity and harmony of the Danish coast. On paper, she combines fine lines into organic patterns, sometimes in black and white, sometimes in bold colours. However, she always strives for a certain aesthetic timelessness.

Rebecca Hein

Rebecca Hein

TPC x Sofia Lind

"Coffee Alone At Place De Clichy" is the title of one of Swedish artist Sofia Lind's posters. Depicting a woman in a green dress, the image simultaneously reflects the colours and atmosphere of a Paris metro station. Such places, which people normally pass by on their daily journeys without paying much attention to them, inspired also other pictures in the series created exclusively for The Poster Club. So you can have a piece of the French capital at home with each of them.

Sofia Lind Coffee Alone At Place De Clichy

Sofia Lind

TPC x Anne Nowak

With her artworks, danish artist Anne Nowak tells the story of the search for beauty and harmony. Behind the minimalist prints, there is much more than meets the eye. In contrast between light and saturated colours, life's moments, both happy and sad and equally important, are contained.

Anne Nowak

Anne Nowak


TPC x Nord Projects

"Organic, soft and feminine," is how Josefin Holmgren, the artist behind the well-known Swedish studio Nord Projects, describes her distinctly graphic works. For The Poster Club, she has created several prints in which geometric elements meet in a contrast of black and cream. She drew inspiration from nature and the human condition, fascinated by emotions, relationships as well as all imperfections.

Nord Projects


The works of the aforementioned talented women are far from the end of the news, so don't hesitate to explore the entire range of The Poster Club, which will offer you countless options whether you're looking for one centrepiece or planning to create a whole art gallery wall.

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