Ten years of DesignVille

Ten years of DesignVille


Katka Horáková

We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the DesignVille online store's launch today. Our adventure began with an idea that lead us from Pinterest inspiration to opening our own shop with Scandinavian design icons. Experience the company's history through Katka Horáková, the founder of DesignVille.

When Michal and I were furnishing our new apartment in 2013, equipped with a dose of inspiration from Pinterest and a long-standing desire for dream icons of Scandinavian design, we came across a surprising problem: very little of the dreamed products were available in the Czech Republic. And if anything, only in Prague showrooms. The customer buying experience was also far behind expectations, especially in terms of delivery times and overall communication.

It was then that we saw a gap in the market that we could target.  We made the decision to launch a new online store that would provide Scandinavian design and the superior services that clients demand, drawing on our years of e-commerce experience as well as the technological foundation of our previous business, PeckaDesign. We knew it would take time to establish a custom programmed e-shop, so we started with a blog on Scandinavian design and gradually grew a community of people who shared our values.

Normann Copenhagen

Počátky DesignVille

I met with possible Scandinavian producers during this time, attempting to win them over to our idea and earn their confidence. All of this occurred during a period when several brands were already cutting ties with some of their current dealers. I'm glad that we were able to acquire key brands for DesignVille early on, such Muuto, HAY, Normann Copenhagen, and Audo (previously Menu). These brands still serve as the basis for what the company has to offer today. We were the ones who even introduced &Tradition and other brands to the Czech market.

At the end of April 2014, we finally launched the e-shop and eagerly awaited the first orders. We enjoyed tuning up our e-shop, preparing newsletters and other online activities, but when it was necessary, we loaded up our - what else but Scandinavian - car and went to deliver the goods or build the first B2B collaborations.

Rozvážíme design

The perfect pieces created by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Alvar Aalto and other renowned designers were finally passing under our hands. The days and late nights of hard work began to pay off and we soon earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of premium Scandinavian design. By the autumn of that year, we had to "expand from our living room" to professional offices.

Slavnostní otevření showroomu DesignVille

In 2016 we launched the Slovak version of our e-shop and opened our first showroom in Brno, CZ. DesignVille's growth continued, so in another two years we ventured into a larger 250m2 showroom, where we are still based today. Gradually we expanded our warehouse from behind the showroom to a smaller warehouse, and then we did it all again in 2022, with a 750m2 warehouse in the logistics centre in Troubsko near Brno. But we'll tell you more about our journey showroom warehouse and the story in detail soon enough.

Showroom Netroufalky

Sklad Troubsko

In the spring of 2023, we expanded the e-shop with an English version for customers from all over the European Union. Today, DesignVille employs 15 people and sales for 2023 reached CZK 54 million. Even though 2023 was not the easiest year for the e-commerce segment in mid-Europe, we managed to grow by 12%.

DesignVille team Kodaň

But this story is not just about numbers and success. It's a story about passion for design, determination to overcome obstacles and the desire to offer customers something exceptional. Our journey from a blog to a leading retailer of Scandinavian design has reinforced the importance of sticking to true values and a strong vision.

Despite managing growth, days spent in analysis, spreadsheets or processes, we never forget our roots: personal experience and joy of every piece we offer.

DesignVille Dream Team

Over the past ten years we have not only grown, but surely become a love brand for many of our online store customers, as well as a trusted supplier for our wholesale partners, architects and designers who share the same passion and love for honest pieces of Scandinavian design.

Thank you for supporting us on this incredible journey and we look forward to another decade full of design icons.

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