About the Gräshoppa lamp and the joy of beauty

About the Gräshoppa lamp and the joy of beauty


Katka Horáková

Yesterday, I got a lovely email from a client who acquired a Gräshoppa lamp from Gubi through our company. I really have to share this happiness with you, even though I haven't been able to catch up in the last few days and the blog seems to have been neglected.


"I'll admit that I've been eying Gräshoppa for a while. But the price... Later I found the YZ lamp at XY, which was comparable. I carefully awaited Marianne's days before placing the order. By chance, they had it in stock, so I excitedly snatched up the cheap lamp, brought it home, set it up, took a look at it, and informed my husband that we were going back since it wasn't attractive. I desired a real Gräshoppa. It's a world of difference, and I'm so glad we didn't become comfortable. I frequently visit it to take a look."

The client noted the name of the store and the light she had purchased. Yet, this isn't about competing with others; thus, the XY and YZ (and know that XY is one of the better businesses). This is about how much it brings me joy to "work" for all of you who can tell the difference. You can appreciate the fine workmanship and lovely details.

I'm grateful.

P.S. If you're thinking that it's good but you don't have a money printer right now, I understand; neither do you. However, I live by the Vivienne Westwood motto:

Buy less, choose well.

Gräshoppa lamp by Gubi

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