Jean Prouvé


Jean Prouvé (1901 - 1984) was a French blacksmith and later also an architect and self-taught designer. He made a significant contribution to the form of French architecture of the 20th century and the development of technologies for mass furniture production.

Prouvé was an important figure in the French art scene of the 20th century. He participated in the creation of the unique Center Pompidou and contributed countless own designs for furniture, accessories and lighting. For example, we must name Standard chairs, Fauteuil Direction armchairs and Petite Potence lamps, which are part of the portfolio of the world-famous Vitra brand. Today, Prouvé is considered one of the greatest pioneers in the production of furniture on a mass scale, who not only inspired many other designers and architects with his work, but who created designs that still stand out even today.

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