EVO-C: the latest stage in the evolution of the console chair

EVO-C: the latest stage in the evolution of the console chair


Eliška Koukalová

The story of cantilever chairs began to be written with the development of bent tubular steel. Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer were involved in the creation of the first pieces in the mid-1920s. Since then, the cantilever chair continues to fascinate with its subtle silhouette in countless variations. Maybe because at the point where the chair is most loaded, it lacks any support. This is ensured by an L-shaped base with anchors at the front.

Design experts describe this seating principle as the biggest revolution in seating furniture yet, opening up new possibilities and helping to purify the chair to the very essence of its purpose. This idea enchanted Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, for example, or even Verner Panton in the 1950s. It was the latter named, visionary known for his unconventional aesthetic solutions, who followed up with another revolutionary idea: a cantilever chair made from a single piece of bent plastic. We've covered the spicy story of the Panton chair's creation and the colourful world of Panton in previous articles.


From the current point of view, it purely seems like an extravagant piece, but at the time of its creation, it was such a bold idea, because there were no technologies for its production yet. After a decade of failure, Vitra stepped into the game and made the impossible finally possible. So it's no surprise that this Swiss design matador has recently reintroduced another groundbreaking piece that takes the line of console chairs a little further.

4523125_EVO-C Detail 2, poppy red_master

Together with Jasper Morrison, they created the EVO-C series of chairs, abbreviated from the name Evolutionary Chair. Several contemporary design tendencies meet in this series. Firstly, it responds to the need for more sustainable production and the cleanest possible look and also continues the century-old phenomenon of console chairs.

The minimalist EVO-C can thus be described as an iteration of several phenomenons in one piece. It combines the characteristic flexibility of metal construction with the comfort of an ergonomically shaped seat. The use of innovative technology has enabled the chair to be made from a single material, which is fully recyclable plastic. "Thanks to new technologies such as plastic compression moulding, we can produce hollow structures that can withstand the same properties and load-bearing capacity as steel tubes," said Vitra Emeritus Director Rolf Fehlbaum.


The EVO-C is thus the first one-piece moulded cantilever chair that, like the tubular steel chairs, has two legs. The engineering department spent weeks estimating the minimum thickness of the base as well as the right length to prevent tipping and disrupting the design. Thanks to the contribution of Jasper Morrison, known as a fan of innovation, and Vitra, a brand that stands on decades of experience and insight from owning one of the largest furniture collections ever, this kind of development means another step forward.

4850003_EM Table EVO-C Chaise Tout Bois Standard Cork Bowl Wall Clocks Asterisk Clock Landi_Zuschnitt_master

Towards an elegant, airy silhouette that can be present in a variety of contexts – thanks to its monochromatic appearance and design without distracting joints. The shape of the EVO-C follows the silhouette of the sitter, thus easily blending into one. Morrison's aesthetic is guided by a pragmatic need for stability and comfort, so he had no desire to experiment with organic shapes or to think about ornamentation. Once the usefulness of the chair expires, it will simply be recycled in its entirety.

4539200_EVO-C Home Office, white, horizontal_web_4-3_master

The designer has a long history with the Vitra brand, during which they have jointly launched the Moca chairs, the Cork stools, and the popular All Plastic Chair, to name a few. You can see all the pieces with Jasper Morrison's recognisable handwriting on his dedicated page.

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