Rune Krøjgaard & Knut Bendik Humlevik

The collaboration of two leading designers of the Norr11 brand was established in 2007, when they founded the KR studio as business partners. In their work, the emphasis is on everyday life. They design products that contribute to it with simplicity and practicality, but at the same time retain the uniqueness and pleasantness of Scandinavian aesthetics, which are sometimes mixed with other influences.

Originally from Denmark, Rune Krøjgaard (left) was born in 1980. His designs are characterized by the simplicity of the organic lines he is fascinated by and the very inconspicuous references to current trends. Especially the Eastern ones, which enchanted him on his numerous travels in Asia. Thanks to this, his design remembers the affection of the eye and the comfort of the body. Which also agrees with the philosophy of Scandinavian design.

Knut Bendik Humelvik (right) was born in 1984 in Norway. He is fascinated by the dynamics. When creating original designs, he leaves the guidance on possibilities of shape with regard to the properties of the material. Then the morphology, cleaned of disturbing elements, makes it stand out in its pure form. With a focus on function and comfort, like Rune, he strives to combine world trends and Scandinavian traditions.

Produkty od Rune Krøjgaard & Knut Bendik Humlevik

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