Muller Van Severen

Being one of the top contemporary design studios, the Belgian Muller Van Severen studio is present in the homes of design enthusiasts as well as in internationally renowned galleries. In 2011, it was born from the intersection of the career paths of Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, a married couple who until then had been mainly active in the field of art.

The designers' artistic background is still evident in their furniture and accessories collections, which combine the technical with the poetic, the simple with the opulent. Their designs are based on careful exploration of materials, forms and contexts of use, but in the end they always seem to be created intuitively and with complete effortlessness. Yet the choice of material itself cannot be made without careful consideration of its unique qualities - from how the material changes over time to the possibilities of its processing. Texture and the interplay with colour in the final object are also important.

The studio's playful approach to colour is apparent in the collaboration with Danish brand HAY, which started in 2021 with the Arcs collection of lighting and accessories and Two-Colour dining tables. The bold designs were later followed by Colour Cabinets and other pieces expanding the Arcs collection.

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Produkty od Muller Van Severen

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