Herbert Krenchel


The Danish engineer and designer is mostly known for the design of Krenit bowls, for which he also developed a new material.

Krenchel was a graduate of the Danish University of Technology and has been involved in design in addition to his engineering research since the 1950s. His best-known products are Krenit bowls, which are made of millimeter sheets coated with Eternit fibrous cement like material and covered with enamel in various colors inside. The combination of the name of the material and the name of the designer also created the name of the bowls, which is now recognized worldwide as an icon of timeless design and a ideal of perfect harmony of form and material.

It was the harmony of form and material that was Krenchel's core working principle, that he based on his other designs which followed the ideological lines of Krenit bowls. Then bowls made of a plastic-like material were created.

Produkty od Herbert Krenchel

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