Hella Jongerius


Danish designer Hella Jongerius was born in 1963 in Utrecht. She became recognized mainly for her fascination with the material and color range and their constant research. With this skill she helps leading design brands to understand the importance of her philosophy.

More than the shapes of furniture, Hella Jongerius focuses on what it is dressed in. As she says, the research of materials, colors and textures never ends.

In 1993, after a few years of experience in the field, she opened her own studio called Jongeriuslab. With her creations, she shows how important materials and colors are in design. Hella often combines conflicting paths, such as modern technology with traditional craftsmanship and the like. In addition to working in her studio, she collaborates with leading brands, for example, she created a whole library of colors and materials for the Vitra brand.

Products from her studio are admired by people in galleries around the globe. On the DesignVille website, you will find, for example, the well-known Polder sofa from Vitra, Jongerius also collaborated in creating colors for the Eames ESU Shlef shelves or other re-editions of important collections.

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