Helena Rohner


Helena Rohner is a well-known and award-winning designer, especially of jewellery. She was born into a Spanish-Swiss family where she was surrounded by weaving and doll making. She delved into the jewelry craft at the same time as her academic education during evening courses.

Captivated by the landscape of her homeland - the Canary Islands- Helena Rohner creates her designs in accordance with organic lines. Her work is known for her characteristically delicate and feminine jewellery, but she has also stamped her signature on other objects such as ceramics and woodwork. As well as precise morphology, Helena Rohner also pays attention to the choice of material. In harmony with the shape, she chooses gold, silver, porcelain, but also stone or textiles.

Because the designer believes that everyday objects should also be decorated, she has created a collection of hangers in collaboration with Ferm Living that can also serve as handles. As with the rest of her portfolio, inspiration from nature in particular has guided her hand.

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