Christian Dell


Christian Dell was a German designer and silversmith. He worked as a master of the Bauhaus metal workshop, where his innovative style and pioneering design were also born. Which he imprinted mainly on iconic lighting fixtures.

At the beginning of 1926, he began designing lamps for the Gebr. Kaiser & Co. The Luxus lamp was first listed in the catalog in 1936, at which time the models from the Kaiser Idell collection became the embodiment of Germany's precise approach, quality design and professional choice of materials.

Dell was also a pioneer in the industry, using materials such as bakelite and amino plastics. The luminaires are also made of brass and steel, the shades are hand-painted.

The name for the iconic Kaiser Idell lamps was created as a combination of the word idea and his surname. That way the lamp collection refer to his name to this day. Timeless table lamps are a reminder of the ageless legacy of the Bauhaus era.

The collection also includes pendants or wall lamps.

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