Olgoy Khorchoj


The Czech design studio called Olgoj Chorchoj was founded in 1990 by fellow students Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček. From the very beginning, the studio was characterized by a wide range of projects, from lighting fixtures to furniture and architectural realizations.

The studio, behind which the pair Froněk and Němeček work, is characterized primarily by its technological legibility and emphasis on the tone of the material. The collaboration that began in the car on the way to the Vitra Design Museum workshop has spilled over into the industrial and interior design sector. Currently, the pair also run a design studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

On the DesignVille website, you can find them mainly with products from the Czech glass brand Bomma. For example, they designed the Tim collection of blown lighting fixtures for the Tim Burton exhibition in Prague. Drop-shaped lamps reaching the maximum possible dimensions of blown lamps. This made them one of a kind in the world.

The studio followed up the Tim collection with the Disc lamps. Their rounded shape expresses the mystery of objects orbiting in space. Unlike the Tim lamps, the Disc lamps made of blown glass are blown into a mould.

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